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Example is Better Than Precept

Practical examples are more helpful in learning something than mere words.Examples appeal to our eyes. What we learn though eyes create deep impressions on our mind.What we hear through eyes may be forgotten.Man by nature imitates.A precept is an order or command. We learn to do a thing by watching someone, especially the preceptors, doing it. An example is better understood than a mere explanation. The example of a good man has more effect on us than good advice.This proverb is meaningful in teaching, preaching, in moral sphere and other walks of life. A man must practise what he preaches to impress others. Thus, an ounce of practical example does more for us than tons of advice in words.

We Live in Deeds, Not in Years

A man's utility is judged not by the years he has lived. It is judged by the deeds he has done. It matters little whether a man's life is long or short. What matters most is the record of his deeds. Some people live long with no good deeds. While others have only a short span of life with golden deeds. Many people are born unknown. They also die unwept. Life is measured by the amount of work that is done. Chaitanya and jesus christ did not live long. But they did noble deeds during their short life. Swami Vivekanand, Napoleon, Keats and subhash chandra Bose also did not live long. But the world never forget them. They will be ever remembered for their whole deeds.

Prevention is Better Than Cure

It is better to stop any harm from coming to us. We should not have it and then try to remove it. We know that bad habits once formed are difficult to be shaken off. So, the best way would be to avoid developing such bad habits. A little care and preventive measures taken in time in time may save us a good deal of risk and harassment. When flu breaks out, we must try to protect ourselves first. We should not wait till it attacks us.

Knowledge is Power

Man feels that knowledge is power. So, he is the lord of all other creatures in the world. He is not as mighty as a lion. But through knowledge, he is the master of the mightiest animals. Deep seas and high mountains, Long deserts and marshy land create no problem for him. He discovers and invents lots of things. He uses and abuses them, too. He has given to the world such things as can make it a heaven. At the time , things like atom and neutron bombs can finish the world. All these invention and discoveries are the result of knowledge. A man of knowledge commands respect everywhere. Thus, nothing is more powerful than knowledge.

Health is Wealth

Health is man's real wealth. Or, we can say health is a better asset than wealth. It is one of God's best gifts to us. But it can easily be lost. When we are young we do not think what illness is like. So, we cannot think much about our health. without thinking, we spoil our health by bad habits. Like health , wealth too, may be lost if wear careless. Wealth may be gained or lost in life again and again. But health once lost is difficult to gain. So health is not only equal to wealth, rather it has much greater value and importance than wealth in any form.

A Little Learning is A Dangerous Thing

Learning makes a man successful, Kind and polite. The more we have it, the more cultured and gainful we are. If we start learning anything we should try to learn as perfectly as possible. After this only, we should set our foot to use the knowledge. If we embark on a project without learning all about it, we may fail miserably. Secondly, man's usual nature is showy. He becomes proud of his little learning. He speaks too high of himself. This boasting of his little knowledge very often lands him in difficulties. Thus, a little learning is a dangerous thing.

A Thing of Beauty is a Joy For Ever

This line of keats's poem has a truth in it.wordsworth carries the music of the solitary Reaper in his heart long after she stops singing. He sees the dancing daffodils and the sight brings joy to him in his vacant mood.In the practical life,a beautiful picture, natural scenery, handsome men, pretty women and all beautiful things create feelings of joy in us. Even the most pessimistic person feels pleased to see them. For the time being, he is overjoyed and he wonders at the mastery and perfection of God. This it true of all places, times and people. A thing of beauty is a joy for ever.

Well Begun is Half Done

A good start gives a great advantage. For example, a football team scores a goal in the half of the match. The team is greatly encouraged. The opposing team is just as much discouraged. The first goal may mean the winning of the match. This is true in war, too. The first battle has a great importance. A victory at the very beginning gives as army an advantage. The enemy, too. Loses courage form the beginning. The proverb says – well begun is only half done, not all done. We may begin well yet end badly. So, we must not only begin well; we must also go on doing well. Only then we may finish well.

"The Child is Father of The Man" – Wordsworth

The proverb says that childhood shows the man as morning shows the day. Just by looking at a child, we can guess what kind of man he will grow into. If the morning is cloudy, we expect the day to be cloudy. A tree grows out of a seed. In the same way, a man grows out of a child. All the qualities of a full-grown man are present in the child. The tendency of being a sanyasi was already there in the childhood. The military genius of Napoleon was clear in this boyish sports. The child, thus, grows into a man with all the plus and minus points. There may be some variations. But his true nature remains as it is.

All That Glitters is Not Good

We judge of persons by their outward look, But we often come to grief for this. Appearance cheat us. Persons or things are not always what they look life. There are men who go about the world with an air of superiority. We may regard them as great scholars of social worker. They may enjoy prestige and confidence of people, too. But when they are put to test, we know their worth. It is found that beneath their showy look there lies a dark soul. So, we should not take thing or person by their outward appearance. We must look much below the surface and know it’s real worth. If not, we are cheated and may suffer.